Always travel in your best panties….. 4/4/08

09 Apr

Hi all — we are back from North Carolina. We had a great time.

We spent some time in Charlotte and got to see old friends (who look exactly the same — how do they do that).

 We spent the weekend in Greensboro seeing the folks from Moldova. They had a big crowd — our interpreter, our attorney, the orphanage director and folks from the Child Protective Services in Moldova. They couldn’t get over Landon, just wanted to squeeze her. That did not go over well. She did warm up after a while. We went to a cookout at one family’s house while in Greensboro. They were five families there. It was really nice to see so much love in one house. A couple of the families had adopted multiple children. For most of the families it was really interesting to see how much the adopted children looked like their adoptive families. Divine intervention perhaps.

Dad came up to see the Moldovan folks and Landon. He had to suffer through being the only man with 6 women (plus me). At one point the orphanage director sat down on the ground and put her hand out to Daddy. He tried to pull her up and she pulled back. This went on for a couple of minutes until the intepreter (Aurelia) came over and said — she wants you to sit down by her for a picture. Here Dad was trying to be a gentleman and help her up and she wanted him to sit next to her in a photo. Thought they might come to blows; but, Aurelia fixed it.

The Director of Child Protective Services said that the thing she loves to see the most is children with happy eyes. She said when she saw Landon and me together she got goosebumps. That got to me — choked me up a bit. Such lovely people. They brought me gifts (wine, candy, etc.) I was thinking they have nothing, so little money and here they bring me gifts. Puts things in perspective.

Of course we had to have one “memorable” experience while in North Carolina – did it have to be the first day?? So we arrive in Charlotte. I had Landon all nice and pretty – so thought I should also dress up a bit (instead of my traditional yoga wear).  I wore a skirt and nice top. So we fly and all is well.  As we are coming in to Charlotte, we take the moving sidewalk (b/c I am type A and that 12 second savings is critical).  Let me just say that it was the moving sidewalk from HELL.   All of a sudden it just stopped and pitched us forward.   Landon (in her stroller) ended up complete vertical, feet in the air looking at me as if to say “Good Lord Woman, what now”. I landed  completely horizontal (and not in a good way). My skirt was completely in the air and I am flat out, face red to match my panties.  This man come running up and said “are you alright”.  I thought “well, you really don’t care; you are just here because you can see my underwear and half my butt”.  I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO embarrassed.  Now I know why mom told me to wear nice undergarments.  That was before the invention of the thong, yes indeed my friends– Next time I wear fancy granny panties and slacks. 

Let me tell you what not to mention in the security line at the airport. Do not say “let me get the drugs out first”.   I speak from experience.  As Landon and were returning from North Carolina, we were running a bit late. I was a little frazzled and sort of slid into the security line.  I was scrambling to get out all of her stuff — the tylenol, benadryl, etc. I looked right at the security guy and said — “just let me get the drugs out”.  Well…………. you could have heard a pin drop.  All the security folk turned to me and stopped their other tasks. I said ‘I MEAN HER DRUGS” — still really not helping my case. I managed to whip out the bag and said “see…. drugs”. The main security guy said “girl you gonna git yourself in trouble saying stuff like that”.  Well no kidding. I was thinking trust me honey if I had real drugs I would have already taken them. Geez. 

We were non-stop all week in North Carolina.  I was a little frantic packing to leave and just threw things in.  As I was unpacking I found a kroger bag with what I thought was a wet swimsuit. No no friends, it was a sack of dirty diapers.  They had been in the suitcase for about 12 hours in August.  I am not sure I will ever get that smell out of the luggage.  Even my moisturizer smells like pee pee now.

 Okay — I asked you all about a chastity belt for Landon and I think you thought it was a joke. Well she has a boyfriend — Roman. SOOOOOOOOO cute! If he were just a little older…….. I took her to school Friday and there was Roman with his pacifier.  He walked over to Landon, removed his plug (pacifer) and kissed her dead on the mouth.  Worst part– she kissed back.I suggested he could have at least bought her a juicebox first.  Kids these days….. Love to all..

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