And Carol Brady Wore Heels 4/21/08

09 Apr

Hi All,

Landon has been very busy socially. She had two baptisms and two parties on Sat.  Both baptisms were at the same time (thank goodness) at our local catholic church. Actually we walked — it was only about 8 blocks from our house. I got stuck twice in the sidewalk crack (damn heels).   I should have worn flipflops for the journey. Landon looked like a princess.  She had on her cousin Andrea’s dress with her white maryjane keds. So darling.  I gave her a brownie as a snack. MISTAKE!! Landon was like a mexican jumping bean — I mean all over the place.   I have not seen her like that before. She went to some older man (grandfather type) and sat in his lap — just as if it was me.   He thanked me later for his 32 seconds with her. I curled my hair that day with electric curlers (alert the media!).   Landon latched on to one of the curlers and just had to bring it with us.   She carried it in the church and had it the entire time, banged it on the pugh (sp?), rolled it down the aisle — lovely.   It matched her dress (purple) and wasn’t worth the fight frankly.

 My nephew Logan (for those of you who do not know him) is 7.   He said Sunday afternoon on the phone “Aunt Kelly can I ask you something?”.   Well of course. “when are you going to bring Landon to see us because she is cute”. Well what about me Logan I said.   He replied “well yea, you too I guess but you are older”. Okay then. Then he said “Aunt Kelly can I tell you something else”? With hesitation this time, I said sure.  “Aunt Kelly, I am pretty sure that when you have a baby, you are supposed to have a husband.   You should get one.   You could ask Daddy or you could use Adam if you want”.   well alrighty then……. Adam is his brother, my other nephew — and he is a 21.   I don’t even know what you say to this.   I wondered if Mom had called and put him up to it – but he was so serious and totally genuine. “you should really work on that Aunt Kelly”.   OK I’ll get right on that.  Landon has a few new favorite game.

She has sort of figured out that things go in and then come out of things.  So she loves to find ways to test it.  I routinely find things in the wrong place.  I found a pancake in my oven warming drawer — had been there about 3 days – hmmmm yummy.  I walked in her bedroom yesterday and she looked like an angel floating on a cloud — she had pulled out ALL of the wipes one by one because that is fun you see.  The way the toilet paper comes off the roll and piles on the floor is very exciting to test.  Also fun for her to eat it.  GRRRR. 

I can’t seem to keep the house any order at all as long as Landon is awake.  Its like a mini tornado during waking hours.   Just cleaning up after her is my cardiovascular work.   I don’t remember Donna Reed having this problem. And Carol Brady wore heels while she cooked; they had 6 kids. 

Landon is struggling with going to sleep these days for some reason. Conversely and perhaps not unrelated, I want to sleep more now. hmmm.   I lowered her crib b/c she is getting taller and I fear a leap to the floor if we are not careful.   She will have her bottle as usual, then cried because she doesn’t want to go to sleep and miss things.   I still get in her crib often and sit/lay with her.   With the base lowered now, getting in and out of that crib is a virtual cirque de soleil act.   I am glad that I have a child now.   I feel that after my crib dismount tonight any possibility of conceiving is completely out of the question.

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