Giddyup Sista 7/21/08

09 Apr

 Hi all – this will be a short one (many of you are saying THANK GOD).

We have a horse – did you hear? Actually we do not. I swear though Landon’s diapers lately smell like a horse stable. When I change her I look around for Big Brown having trotted in for feed and grooming. I have no idea what her mother feeds her, must be garlic and asparagus. D – I – S – G – U – S – T – I – N – G!!!

Landon is oh so mobile these days. I swear the child must be wearing skates sometimes. She is so quick. And I am going to tell you I have a lot of energy – not compared to her. I look up once and she is right beside me. Turn my head around for a second and she is eating the cat treats right out of the container. She can reach the counter now in the bathroom. Not a problem until she reaches my sunless tanning cream. She is my little Coppertone queen now – it is very hard to get that orange cream off if you are not quick, especially on tiny palms. What a good mother I am.

Landon has learned a few more words – EAT! Says it all the time! My cat (picture attached) is Clyde. Bonnie too – although she ignores Landon. Landon now all cats Clyde. Only its nots Clyde — its CIIIIIDDDDDDDDE! She can’t quite say Clyde – really is cute. She wants to love on him and lay on him – the fact that they are about the same weight makes it a fair competition (she is 22 -23 pounds and I am sorry to say I think he is more… about 24 pounds). Oh please – its baby fat – at 8 years old………..

A new favorite is THIS – everything is THIS THIS THIS. Then there will be string of words where she just yammers on and I cannot understand a word. I say “really?” thinking she will assume I “get” it. She looks at me like “Focus MOTHER this is important” and rolls her eyes. How can this happen at 18 months?

We had a very busy weekend. Lots of friends stopping by to visit – very nice. We had lunch at Wahoo Fish Tacos (yummy). We were in line to get my tea and Landon turns to this man behind us and says UP! He of course obliged. She was SOOOOOOOO working him. He just went on and on over her. I know this is cute now – but I am sure it will not bode well for the future. Do you think they make a chastity belt in Toddler size?

We are heading to North Carolina later this week. I am going for work on either end of the trip. The weekend will be in Greensboro visiting with the officials from Moldova. They will be in NC working with the adoption agency. I am so excited I cannot stand it. I can’t wait for them to see how well she is doing. We are using points to fly there – first class. I am thinking the two of us are small enough to share one seat in the pretty section of the plane.   Also key here is that in first class she gets free food and I get free booze. Life is good. Love to all.

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