A Twin Bed And A Thong Bracelet 6-19-08

10 Apr

 Hi all,
The most exciting thing that happened in the last two weeks was that I read a book — front to back, cover to cover and savored every word.  (Vanishing Acts by Jodi Picoult — definitely on my O list).  I took a flight to NYC for business.  The princess was here with the wonderful Miss Lori (truly one of the nicest people I have every met).  As you all know, I am the barometer for flight issues.  I did not let you down this time.  We sat on the runway for 2  1/2 hours.  Then because of bad weather were routed through CANADA then to NYC.   When we finally got there , we had to wait another 40 minutes for our gate (because clearly the 4 hours of our flight was not enough notice to get the damn gate ready).  I took my first NY cab in years.  They have TV’s in them now — did you know that?  I think its so you can watch CNN as your life passes before you eyes.  
My cab was a pit — smelled like old meat and someone else’s perspiration.  The driver seemed to be “from out of town”. He kept gunning the car and then backing off — I mean over and over.  He was too busy talking to his friend to listen to my directions.  When he finally asked me “to where you going” – I replied “apparently to meet my maker”.  I was about 2 tic tacs from hurling all over him.
I forgot how expensive NY is. The hotel was 319.00 a night and thats the IBM rate.  When I got in — they only had non-smoking rooms with a twin bed.  EXCUSE ME!  Oh no no honey… we are not camping, I said.  Promptly and with perhaps some divine intervention, they miraculously found an additional room with an adult size bed in their upgraded section.  Whatever. 
Landon is talking all the time and I mean ALL THE TIME.  She is definitely going to be a social butterfly.   I am not — so feel sure this will present its opportunities to fine tune my patience skills.  I offered her $5.00 today to be quiet. She took the money and kept talking.   She is trying to brush her hair like mommy now — just wish she would not do it with her toothbrush.  I am able to get a teeny tiny ponytail in her hair now (think pebbles and bamm bamm).  Its darling.  I don’t know how she knows — but if she ever wants to tick me off or is mad at me — she just pulls the bow out (see photo evidence attached).
I meant to mention in my previous note that our friends from Chicago (Elana and her family) got Landon a beautiful gift.  It is her first Madam Alexander doll.  Darling.  Its called One of a Kind Sisters.  They come in a set — two dolls and two necklaces.  The necklaces are split in two — so together they make a circle.  Elana and her family wanted to get something the two girls could share — to signify they special relationship.  Its so cute.  I am going to put it up not so Landon will not hurt it but so her mother won’t (anyone who knows her also knows she tends to the clumsy side, hence the nickname Grace!).
Oh and new on the man front.  This past week during my trip to Houston/Dallas 2 weeks ago my cab driver told me if I ever wanted to come back to Dallas and have a large black man fulfill all my sexual fantasies he would be here for me.  Sadly, I thought —  well…. if that is the best and frankly ONLY offer I have had in 2 years.  WAAAAA.  I declined the gentleman’s offer and then went promptly to the bathroom to check for the tramp stamp that must be somewhere on my body.   I mean…….. who says things like that. 

Landon is in to everything – I mean everything.  I can’t look away for a second.  We were headed out the door to school the other day.  I am glad I looked down because she had draped my underwear over her arm as an arm accessory of sorts.   I did retrieve it — I am sure a red thong would have been quite the topic at primrose school.  (Shelley/Carol — I am sure you will enjoy this story after the leopard undergarment ended up in the kitchen in Vail).
She has quite the personality now. I am sure I am biased but she is really endearing.  Sweet but determined and not afraid of anything (I hope that stays with her for the most part).  She is a master at working men.  In Target tonight, she reached to and touched a good 3 hot strangers.  She will pick the hottest one and engage.  Not shy and quite sure they will be woo’d by her.  And damn if it doesn’t work.  Meanwhile I am hiding behind the cart in my yoga pants and wilting ponytail.  She is a demanding little thing at times — this immediate gratification thing — not sure where that comes from (where the hell is my martini….)

I am in the process of enclosing my porch.  When I saw I – I mean someone with way more engineering and mechanical ability than me.  Of course, I think would include Big Bird and my postman. 

I have been fortunate enough to meet (via phone) three other families adopting from Moldova now. One is in Moldova now all the way from Israel.  Its so exciting. Landon and I will be doing to North Carolina some time later July or early August to visit her adoption agency and the officials from Moldova. The officials (and Landon’s interpreter, attorney/facilitator, head of child protective services there) are coming in to see the area and vacation a little (also to see  how the kids are doing and to encourage more international adoptions).  I am excited to see them — I can’t wait for them to see how well she is doing.  I would love to get them a gift. Just not sure what you get someone who gave you a child — a hallmark card sort of doesn’t seem to cut it.   I am open to suggestions.

Okay thats all for now folks.  Love to all. 
Kelly & Landon

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