Cashews Please ….. And a Beer for my Friend 4/28/08

10 Apr

Hi All – Our latest excitement…..   
We celebrated earth day last week with a hat parade at landon’s school.  All the kids had hats made from pie plates w/ cupcake holders and colored pasta taped on (lovely ribbons for ties).  I would never have though Landon would keep it on but she did.   The kids are working on a garden at school — growing flowers and that sort of thing.  I think it will be nothing short of a miracle if a flower actually makes it – the way they bang the ground and throw the dirt.
Landon is becoming quite the character at school.  Her teacher Ms. Annette was changing her diaper during nap time.  Landon was kicking her legs and making lots of noise (no idea where she gets that). Ms. Annette said “Landon stop kicking your legs”.  She repeated it to Landon a couple more times and Landon said “peease” – meaning you should say please and I’ll consider it.   And Annette did say Please.  And she repeated “Landon stop kicking your legs”.  Landon replied “why”.  I thought they didn’t start that why business until they were like 3.  Ms. Annette told her “our friends are sleeping” and Landon said “oh ok”.

Immediately after writing our last  update, I had someone over to check our alarm system (must make sure the munchkin is safe).  Well we examined all the windows.  The last one was the one in panty/storage closet   I was showing the alarm guy (curtis, now my close personal friend) the window and it just didn’t look right.   I looked closer and then started jumping up and down screaming and ran out.   It was a squirrel!   The one that knocked over my  balsamic vinegar….  I was screaming there is a squirrel, there is a squirrel.  Curtis said “well no, its actually two of them”.  akkkkkkkk!  akkkkk!  Oh my goshhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Regardless of whether you are, from New Zealand to Alabama — I cannot believe you did not hear me screaming. 
I looked and he was right. They were there sunning themselves in my window.  One looked right at us as if to say “more cashews please and a beer for my friend”. We are sooooooooo moving!  I was so freaked out. Screaming!  Screaming! Screaming! Curtis said “do you need me to call someone”.  I said yes and meant the exterminator.  I think he meant the looney bin.  We are working with the exterminator people to get rid of our petting zoo. Whew! 
Bath time is always fun here.  Landon loves to get a bath and play with her ducks from Grandpa.  I call her  “Sister Mary Landon”  in her towel.

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