Easter update 3-2008

10 Apr

Hello all. Happy Easter.  I wanted to send an Easter update.   I can sum it up with Landon is great!  She is really doing well in daycare – absolutely loves it.  She has learned a few words (Mama– my personal favorite, Mine, Bye).    She is asleep and I am watching Bridget Jones – what a great tme.
We have both been sick a lot.  That is really odd for me. Pre Landon I seemed to be better insolated from all the bugs.  Now with daycare, well… I am just screwed.  2 weeks ago I got the stomach bug that is going around.  I don’t wish that on anyone.  I really felt like crap for over a week.
I traveled this week (overnight) for the first time since I have been back with Landon.   Landon was fine (it was me who was a mess).    Dallas ended up with the biggest rainstorm (and tornados) in their history.  I got stuck in Dallas for an extra day.  How stressful!  I virtually blessed out the agent at the counter, trying to explain that there was no de-icing — and my need to get home to my baby.  Given the fact that no planes were going out at all — anywhere — he was not at all sympathetic.  Lori (landon’s saintly sitter) jumped right in with no problem at all.  Landon did however “initiate” Lori — throwing up everything she ate for dinner.  I guess its the LIFO method (Last in First out).  Poor Lori — but that is part of the deal.    I am very happy to have found a sitter whom I am comfortable with and one whom Landon likes (huge relief).
The Easter bunny (yes, I mean the real one!) came to Landon’s school yesterday.  Of her entire class (of 10) and the older toddlers (another 10 kids), Landon was the only one who would get in the bunny’s lap (see pics here).  The rest of the little sissys(sp?) cried the entire time.   
Landon is up to 20 pounds now and 29 inches (I think).    The docs say she is doing great.

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