Holy Pine Nuts Batman 4-16-08

10 Apr

Hey all.  Oh what fun this week.
I don’t know what it is about Dallas but every time I go there is trouble. Three weeks ago I was there and they cancelled all flight because of the biggest rainstorm in Dallas history.
I went last week for a two day trip.  I arrived at the airport Tuesday night (late flight so I could be with miss priss for a while longer).  I thought this is just so nice there are lots of parking places and there is no line.  I said that to the agent. He said “well that is because we have cancelled all the flights”.  I just laughed and said yea right.  He said “I’m serious honey”.  DAMN!  So I was stuck there for a couple of hours hoping I would get out rather than take the 6:00 a.m. flight and make my sitter made for having to come back at 4:00 in the morning.   I did make it out.  Then of course had to frantically try to change my return flight (with all the other irate American customers). 
But I will have all of you know I am famous.  I was on the channel four news.  Jody something (cute this blonde, ex-cheerleader I am guessing) asked if she could interview me. I felt sorry for her as I was the only moron left in the airport just about.  Nothing exciting — she just wanted to know how I felt about the american issue.  I am really hoping that George saw this and will finally call me (George Clooney that is…..)
Just before I left for Dallas Landon attacked a table at school.  She and a schoolmate were practicing the most common word at Primrose school “MINE!”.  They reached for the same toy at the same time – she did not win.  HUGE shiner (as you will see in the attached photo).   The school called and explained what happened.  They said it was swelling a little.  I did not worry as I am very experienced mother.  By the time I got there, the thing was so big — it looked a second head. I took her to the doc in the box to make sure she was not delirious.  I should have know she was fine by the way she flirted with all the doctors (3 of them) at the office that she was fine. I was a wreck.
More dallas trip news.  Our hotel was evacuated on Wednesday night because of the tornado.   The basement of the OMNI hotel at 3:45 a.m. is not where you want to be let me tell you.  I have an overnight trip to Dallas next week.  Do not listen to your weatherman — listen to me.  There will be some sort of weather and airline issue — just plan on it and pack extra clothes.
I am not broke…. but my daughter Imelda is fine.  I had to restock her shoes as I am bad mother (reference previous email where I forced her size 5 feet into size 3 shoes).  Really I was just preparing here for life as a woman.  (Soon she will be lying about her weight on her passport.)  
Those fabulously cute crocs I bought her are outlawed at school.   I showed up and the teacher looked at me and shook her head and if to say “tsk, tsk, you are such a bad mommy”  I am not sure why they are outlawed — probably a communist plot to take over the world one by one through croc sales.
We bought a couple more pair of shoes (which are actually allowed at school).  Landon just had to wear a scarf.  She reached first for my Italian scarf that Carol gave me   I 86’d that and substituted my cat in the hat boa.  Nothing would do but that she wore it shopping (all day and it was 75 degrees).  Photo attached –she is eating in one (which she does all the time).
Landon went to watch our friends get pedicures Saturday.  I thought for about a nanosecond about getting one myself.  I knew that would not work.  Instead I raced her around the shop on one of their stools with wheels.  We broke it. The wheel just cracked in two.  I offered to pay for it but they said it was ok.  I think they just wanted me out of there.
Oh…….. and the pantry.  Well I am so proud of this pantry downstairs I had refinished.   Several of you have seen it.  It has so much storage.  Sometimes I just stand there and marvel at it.  I have lots of extra groceries and Landon stuff down there.  I noticed that some things were on the ground in there.  I thought maybe it was the cat.  Then I noticed the dreaded little black poopies — AAAAKKK a mouse.    I hate that. 

The next morning I notice more and as I looked up I saw a furry tail.  Well I am not going to lie — I screamed like the sissy girl that I am.  It was not a mouse (unless there is a new breed with furry tails).  It was a SQUIRREL.  I saw the little turd as he was exited.   I  ran to home depot and got some boxes and chicken wire for the handy man to fix the problem.  During my trip, the squirrel (which I fondly refer to as deadman) got back in and knocked over a bottle of balsamic vinegar dressing.  Do you know how that smells?    It was everywhere -on the bag of goldfish, on my handweights, a headset, ream of paper…….  ggrrrr.  I was not happy.  I threw landon in her pack and play (and listened to her cry) as I shoved  bricks and cardboard in the open area. I don’t even think air can get in now.     I just want to say — I am in the city — I have a clean home — where did he come from?
Landon is still doing great in school.  She told me to “stop it” I think this morning.  I was tickling her and she had enough.  She said bumblebee too.  I think she may be a linguist.
So that is all for now.

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