News Flash Hell Has In Fact Frozen Over 4-5-08

10 Apr

Well its official…. Hell has in fact frozen over.  I have succumbed to the CROCS phenomenon.  Not only did I buy one pair — I bought three.  Now the saving grace here is that they are for Landon.  She was ready for new shoes I thought- sandals etc. you know.  Her feet look so small to me.  I swear us Ozley girls have big feet so most anyone’s feet look small.  Landon should feel much better now.  I had her in size 3 shoes and she is a 4.5 — which the clerk says means you go up to size 5.   Uhhhh Ohhh as Landon would say.  Well you know how could I tell — she never said anything — Well you live and learn.  Luckily this shoe store has me on a 3 month reminder – to come recheck her size.    The clerk was very patient and Landon seemed to love the attention (shocking).  He tried to sell us some ugly brown hiking type shoes for her.  I said “no you don’t understand…. we are Southern, we are bow people — she wears bows every day… those shoes just won’t do….”
Landon is doing great.  She is doing all sort of crafts in daycare.  I know that because she generally has a blue stamp on her arm or red on her mouth where she sucked on the marker.  The head teacher at daycare is so sweet.  Every time she comes in Ms. Alejandro says “well hello Princess Landon”.  I call her Princess Poopypants.  I really don’t know where the “output” comes from.   Maybe its her consumption.  Today for lunch — no lie — she ate a gerber pasta pot, applesauce tub, and bowl of mandarin oranges while I worked out.  Then I went to lunch with her where she ate some of my fries, goldfish, pickles, and sauerkraut….. do you think she could be pregnant???
She has been just loving her new car (the one Marla gave her).  It really funny to watch.  She hops right in and grabs the wheel.  She waves at everyone.  And its that sort of float wave — you know what I mean.  People just stop and laugh. 

Landon met a very handsome man in Starbucks.  He was with his nanny – Ms. Hoochie-mama (well that is what she looked like anyway).  I was thinking if I was your wife, would give Trixie here the boot and hire some old fat lady.  Landon was buddying right up to this cute guy.  It appears she has taken her mission quite seriously… to find mama a sugar daddy.  I need to refine my requirements to EXCLUDE married men — those I can find on my own.  haha.
We have some travel coming up.  I have a business trip to Boca coming up.  I think I am going to hide the munchkin in suitcase and make a weekend of it. I know she has never seen the water.  She already has three bathing suits (compliments of Grandma and nice friends).  Then I have another trip coming up to Orlando.  Grandma will be staying with her while I work.  The biggest challenge of this trip will be convincing Grandma to put on a bathing suit.  She asked if she could just tie a rope to her — nice mom……
Landon is leaving some sign language in school.  She knows please, thank you, and a few others.  Thank you looks like blowing a kiss.  So at times I think she is blowing kisses instead of saying thank you or vice versa (either way its nice). She says mama, uhhhh ohhhh, please, pretty (wonder where she got that one).  She is imitating a lot.  I tried to clear my throat from this nasty cold flem (nice visual Kelly) and now she makes that sound a lot — thinks it very funny. 
That all –nothing too exciting to report.  Just life and we’re happy.  Hope you all are too.
Kelly & Landon

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