Pat McGroin 12-16-08

10 Apr

Hi all – its been a while.  Things have been busy here in Denver.  We are experiencing frigid temps here – like 10 degrees high.

What have we been up to lately?  Well Landon is very advanced in her class.  She is going to the potty with some regularity which is quite impressive.  She is also able to blow her nose with a very recognizable sound.  Her teacher said “you know I really only know one other student her age who can blow her nose like that”.   As you can imagine I was quite product.  Harvard – here she comes.    I told the teacher “well we Ozley’s have always been very advanced in our bodily functions”.

Landon is enjoying the Christmas lights around town. She always says “oohhh pretty” when we pass a “festive” house.  Sometimes I am thinking whoa hello Clark Griswald, but she just gasps and goes on and on “pretty! Wow! More”.  The other day we were driving home from school and Landon says “puppy!!”  I look over to the car next to us and think “where?”   She continues “puppy… Puppy…. PUPPY”. I look over again to see a huge head of dreadlocks.  I think it was a woman but in a lineup could not make a positive  ID.  She has this tremendous head of dreadlocks – phenomenal – took up the entire passenger window.  I guess to an almost 2 year old it was a puppy. What to say…. Woof!  Woof!!

The Qwest (phone line) man was out recently, Pat McGroin (someone will get this later).  He was researching the phone challenges I was having. As this was a Saturday, Landon was home.    So Pat does all his work.  He has a very impressive work belt, all sort of devices attached; cables, gauges, and a VERY large yellow phone dead center (think 1995 cell phone).  Well he finishes his work and is reviewing the “issues’ with me.   Again the yellow mammoth cell phone sits dead center of his “gentlemen’s” quarters”.  I am so focused on the electric interference Pat is describing I don’t see Landon grab Pat’s phone initially.   I look down and scream “LANDON!!” which scares her and results and a quick and forceful release.  Pat lets out a yell which I felt sure would summon the neighborhood dogs.  He promptly grabbed his paraphernalia and left as fast as any human possibly can (well as fast as any man racked w/ pain and hunched over can)

This weekend I actually act some help watching Landon.  I had some time to look at makeup and shoes without searching for Landon hiding in the racks.    As I walked by the Channel counter, the salesperson says “Is that how you normally wear your makeup?”  I mean how does one respond?  I said “actually I was thinking it was a pretty good day for until about 1 minute ago”.  She just kissed that sale away.

Grandma came to visit recently.  Landon got plenty of love and kisses.  I think she kept Grandma on her toes for sure.

We recently had our cookie bake.  It was Landon’s second cookie bake (first one at Grandma Terri’s house).  I think she made it through one cookie before she tired of that little task and moved on to wiping powdered sugar on various friends’ clothing.    I later caught her going one by one licking the sprinkles off each cookie.  I kept all of those for us (I think…………..)

Landon had her first experience with Santa. I would sum it up as to say she was moderately impressed.  I think the lure of the candy cane was much more interesting than Santa.  She really just looked at him like “what the hell is up with that outfit”?

We are having fun preparing for Christmas.  Hope all is well.

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