These Keds Were Made for Walking 2-28-08

10 Apr

We just had her one year well exam (a month late but who is counting). 
She weights 20 pounds pretty much even (when you take out the wiggling) and is 29 inches long (both of these are in the 25th percentile).   Her head is 17 3/4 inches — which is the 35th percentile.  This percentile thing is really a big deal apparently.   I hear mom’s touting their percentiles all the time.  Her progress is great because 2 months ago she was in the 16.4 pounds and in the 5th percentile.  The doctor was very pleased with her progress.
Both of us have been sick a lot since we have been here.  I had the flu and sinus infection.  She has had a number of colds, pink eye, upper respiratory infection, etc.    I am not used to being sick — can’t say I like it much.  It has to be daycare.

Landon had been doing really well at daycare.  She was at the jewish daycare for a while.  They were very nice but not as buttoned up as I would like.  She just changed daycares this past week. I love it; she loves it; life is good. 

The latest big development — she is walking.  Oh my.  One week ago – she started.  She thinks she is just it on a stick.  She will take a few steps on her own and look up with the biggest grin and then clap her hands.  It is so cute. Lets say this has added a whole new dimension to our lives.  I have no weight issues at this point in my life.  I am looking forward to this all calming down — maybe in about 18 years….
I talked to my adoption director  (Julie) last week – she just got back from Moldova.  She went for a visit and some policy work.  The orphanage director saw pictures of Landon here at home (with family and toys) and was VERY pleased.  She said “this baby looks very happy”.  She also told Julie that she doesn’t have money for milk — no money for the babies to have their bottles.  Julie gave them money for one month’s worth of milk. I am not sure what happens after that.  The next step after this orphanage (the one Landon came from) is a boarding house.  Its for kids from 6-16.  There is no indoor plumbing and they have to wear heavy coats indoors in the winter to keep warm.  The 6 year olds have to go outside in the dark at night to potty.  really sad.   I say this as a reminder to me (and maybe us all) of how good we really have it.  Anyone needing another charity — please consider this agency (Carolina Adoption Services).  They are good people!
All in all we are good.  Landon is a great sleeper and eater. She can almost inhale a banana (and a big one).  She sleeps a lot too — almost always 12 hours or more.  We are adjusting and both happy.  Work is picking up which I like.  I am not doing much craft work, painting or even reading.  I consider it an accomplishment if I actually shave my legs a couple of times a week (that ought to get me some dates huh?).  Love to all of you….
P.S. I am watching the show Lost now.  I have to say I do not understand why we need subtitles on an English show. It is so damn confusing. Is it really necessary?

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