Van Gogh Oh No 9-24-08

10 Apr

Hi all

 Its time for our latest Landon update.  Luckily there was no bloodshed this week.

 Most exciting news – we are now pee pee’ing in the potty (Landon that is, I have been for some time now). She had her first potty pee on 9/14.  We are still in diapers but trying for more frequent pee’ing in the potty.  I think I may have inhibited her.  I was so shocked and excited the first time, I screamed really loud and jumped up and down.  This caused performance anxiety and stopped her midstream.  I am hoping we can avoid psychotherapy to get this going again but who knows.  Freud would have a hay day with this one.

 Landon is getting quite the “tude”. She got mad because I wouldn’t give her something she wanted and hit me in the head w/ her sippy mug.  Shocked and stumbling in the delirium, I put her to bed without the nightly story.  You would have thought I was doing a root canal on the child.  Today she didn’t want to get in the car and hit me on the nose with her lollipop – this is the same lollipop I propelled across the parking lot and then wiped my sticky nose.  I am searching through the handbook for this particular stage.  I think it is called the “what the hell stage”.

 Landon is talking up a storm.  I don’t get all of it but do try.  Sometimes she looks at me like “you moron” – why can’t you get this.  She is saying School and Sock and other S words.  Problem is that she can’t really do the S.  So School is COOL and Sock comes out COCK! She loves that word – screamed it out in the Safeway the other day when her shoe fell off.  I mean I do not even know what to say to that.   I told the produce guy – she likes roosters – whatever.

 Another one of her favorite words is OUI.  She says it all the time.  So I am holding her and she has an OUI – little brown spot on her arm to which she says OUI.   Well she then points to my shoulder and says OUI.  WHOA!  OUI OUI OUI OUI OUI OUI………  She is pointing to each one of my freckles and saying OUI.  Landon is looking at me like how did this happen – so many OUI’s.  How do you explain a freckle to a child?  I say that is just where God kisses Mommy – sort of his lipstick.  

 In an attempt to occupy her time while I was cooking recently, I set up a painting area in the kitchen.  They come off w/ water so no big deal.  That said, I still had her sheet under her and lots of paper around. I looked up from my chopping to see the picture attached here. She was painting her feet (and quite well I might add).  Maybe she will paint too – its in the jeans!  My little Van Gogh.

 Last week I heard Landon giggling.  Mind you I was getting ready, reading my email, cooking breakfast and plotting out my plan for world peace all before breakfast (Marines got nothing on me mister).  I walk in the bathroom to find her shoving a brand new roll of toilet paper in the toilet.  Then taking it a shaking it all around the room watching the water slide down the walls.     AKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!  AKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!

I cleaned that one up and turned around to find her doing it again.  AKKKKKKKKK!! AKKKKKKKKKKK!!!  I mean toilet paper is precious.  Its God’s ribbon for our hiney! Come on.  Mommy has potty issues. 

 Landon is wearing a bra now.  36DD – its mine of course.  OK stop laughing.  I did walk in to find her wearing one of mine …… on her head.  I mean how can that be funny.   God only knows what she was thinking.  

 We do have fun… That’s what they call it now right – sleep deprivation….

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