Control? 4-10-10

11 Apr

So hello all – to say the least we have been busy.

I arrived home from Moldova thankful to be home and cozy with my baby and mayonnaise free food.  How those people every poop, I cannot conceive.  I didn’t see a whole grain or dark leafy vegetable in 6 days and I truly believe that all that mayonnaise is clogging to path of natural elimination.

 I am planning my next trip (Operation Bring Home Tennyson) for the end of April/early May.  I totally cannot wait to spend my birthday in an airplane 20 hours.  What fun.

 Our friend Lori explained to Landon during my trip that I was going to visit her sister and doing lots of paperwork.  So just about daily Landon asks as we leave for school or Target (my personal heaven and portal to my financial demise) “You do paperwork Mommy?”  It gives me a good chuckle because we all know that the road to CEO is lined with much paperwork.

 I call Landon my sweet child (which applies a good bit of the time, less and less as she has been 3 but…) Lately as she goes off to bed she says “Mommy chu my tweet child”.  You know I often do feel like the child or pack mule – one of the two.  And I should add that this applies when I can actually get her to bed.  Often the scenario is:

  • “Landon time for bed”
  • “Mommy I not tired”
  • “Landon come brush your teeth.”
  • “Mommy I hungry”
  • “No you aren’t Landon”
  • “Mommy I want cereal”
  • “Landon time for bed”
  • “Mommy I want yogurt with sprinkles”
  • “Landon time for bed – NOW
    “Mommy I want cereal”
  • “MOMMEEEEEEEEE – I so berry hungry”
  • “WAAAAA”
  • “No Landon – bed NOW”
  • “MOMMMEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!”
  • “Landon… eat your cereal”

 How does this happen?  I don’t cave all the time but I am afraid she will starve to death at times (NOT) and you know I have very important paperwork which required my focus. J

 I have deduced that Clooney is crazy!    Recently while working I heard a commotion upstairs.  We have had some break-ins in the “hood” so I am on mega alert.   I grab my  Extra Large MagLite Flashlight and begin my journey in to the terror of the unknown intruder.  ….it  is in Landon’s room…. How dare they?  Maglite raised and in position for quick strike and maximum impact, I cross the threshold of her room.  The room is big mess – everything from her dresser is on the floor.  Wh … Wha…. What???  And there is Clooney…. I mean I think it is her … but its just her back …. What is going on?

Once the fog of terror lifts, I see the problem.  Clooney has somehow managed to get her head caught in a box of tissues.  I am guessing she fell off the dresser (knocking everything off)  trying to the box off her head.  How in the world does that happen?  I think the altitude has rendered her looney tunes.

 Landon is learning about being a big sister.  I have explained that Tennyson will be here soon, that I am going to get her.  We have discussed what a big help she will be to mommy.  She tells people “I big sister.  I so help Mommy.   I put blanket on my Tenson’s head”.  The last part concerns me just a bit.    When I ask her outright “do you want a sister Landon”, she says “ah…no… I want a brudder… named Sarah”.  No idea where that came from.

 Landon’s vocabulary is really expanding — she has quite the personality now.   She saw a painting I did (pre-kid of course).  She said “mommy you did dat?  I so proud of you.  You kill me”.  And yesterday I heard her say “sex” while listening to Lady Gaga.  Say What?  Switching to only Disney tunes for the foreseeable future.

 Our biggest news is that Landon had surgery on her eyes. She has had some crossing which didn’t seem to be getting a lot better. So Thursday we went to the hospital at 6:00 a.m.  She was very excited with all the attention.  She thought her hospital bracelet and astronaut gown were “cool Mommy”.  She did great until we went in to the OR and noticed all the equipment and looked at me like “what the hell is going on”.  You know you try to find some positive thing in most everything so… I thought well maybe I will meet a doctor or anesthesiologist. Mine this time just happened to be a woman.  And the doctor is a also a woman… I am all for equality here but lets remember who this is about…. ME.

 Any hopes of snagging a man while at the hospital were quickly dashed as I put on my attending mommy suit – solid white from head to toe paper jumpsuit, made of a professional grade tissue.  I requested something in “taupe….white is so harsh especially so early in the day”… I do not think they were amused.  They give Landon her strawberry scented oxygen mask which causes her eyes to roll back and then collapse.  I guess I then started to cry and shake and was suddenly encased by two nurses (yes… also women).  I was surprised at how teary I was – they told me all the Moms are like that.  Oh I see.

 Landon woke to quite a bit of discomfort – I walked in to hear her crying and screaming which sent me home to my earlier teary state. 

 Landon in hospital

She is really doing great.  Whiney and agitated but fine.  I know it hurts – there are stitches in her eyes.  Doctor thinks it went really well.  Whew!  She was actually fine until we went in to Target.  She had to pee pee.  Upon completion, she washed her hands per normal instruction but…. Gasp… caught her reflection in the mirror.  “MOMMEEEEEE!  MY EYES.   DEY SOOOOO RED”.  Actually I do have to say they are pretty much red all over the normal whites—so now we are obsessed w/ looking in the mirror.  Super.

 I do think she is on the upswing.  Friday after surgery, I had her set up comfortably resting and watching Bolt while I worked to pay the bills.  I came out to check on her to hear “Mommy look”  I notice the TV  is sporting Beechnut Fruitstripe gum in a sort of Pollock design.  Fuming I was…. As I spread the peanut butter on the TV to try to remove the gum, Landon said “Mommy I lick it?  I love peanut butter”.  You know… I am thinking she will be just fine.

 Love to all.

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One response to “Control? 4-10-10

  1. Lori Belle

    April 12, 2010 at 5:21 am

    What a good little patient. Glad to know you are both doing so well. Warm hugs. . . Lori


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