The Home Depot “Ho”

07 Jun

Trip to Home Depot for weeding (or as I call it …hell) supplies.  Honest to God taking 2 toddlers in there is a really stupid move (but it is illegal to leave them in the car…. it is isn’t it?????. )  Saturday wear is a cotton tank and Athleta casual skirt… breathable and comfortable.   Cut to Landon doing figured 8’s between my legs, skirt reaching new heights.  Tenny standing by my knees pulling skirt down in a effort to encourage being picked up.  Between Landon raising up my skirt and Tennyson pulling it down, I am quite the hit at at the Home Depot.    You would be amazed how much help you can get in there if you just show your A__.

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One response to “The Home Depot “Ho”

  1. Shannon

    June 25, 2010 at 9:43 am

    God love you honey! These blogs just crack me up. I even read this one out loud to my mother, after I had told her I don’t know how you do it all. You’re writing is amazing as is the size of your heart for those girls. Love the blogs and the photos I just saw on FB. Those girls sure are beautiful. They totally take after their mother! Hugs, Shannon


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