Gag Zoosk

25 Jun

So if you are on facebook… DO NOT go to a site called zoosk (  Because…  it sort of automatically signs you up for this online dating service.  Scary!  Seriously…. I didn’t sign up but am getting notes on matches every day.  First day I get these three – Big Don… Sexy James…. and SpiDennis – and this last guy is in overalls… overalls without a shirt……ARRRG!  Didn’t we just review that they should not make overalls over a size 3Toddler?   Could you just die? I am not  going to lie – there was an audible gasp on my part. 

 And here is the thing… if you are sexy, well it doesn’t NEED to be in your name.   And this type of man… really no issue meeting them.  Thank you so much zoosk for scraping the bottom of the barrel for me. If you are my friend and want to fix me up – which is totally fine as long as he is handsome, wealthy and has good personal hygiene – if you find me men like this, I put your picture on a voodoo doll and put pins in it daily.

 I tried like three different ways to paste their pics here.  WordPress is just not allowing people this unattractive on these blogs.



Check out your new matches!

After searching through millions of users, we have found some Zooskers that we think might make good matches for you. Enjoy 🙂

Big Don

Denver, Colorado
Age: 42

Flirt Now!


Denver, Colorado
Age: 50

Flirt Now!

Sexy James

Aurora, Colorado
Age: 52

Flirt Now!

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