The Toddler Whisper…. an oxymoron.

27 Jun

Anyone ever heard a toddler whisper?  Me neither.   Why?  Because it is impossible; they cannot do it.  Mutually exclusive…. Oxymoron.    I liken the toddler whisper to Big Foot…. fabled, rarely seen, ever sought after and promised to those who believe.

Every time I tell Landon to whisper (Tennyson is sleeping, mommy has a headache, etc.) its as if something inside of her actually turns up the volume. And there is a sort of wind behind it – like they try to talk softly but it is just not possible and it makes them even louder.  And they sort of use all their breath, like dig down deep and say everything in a breathless scream/whisper.    I’d put her “whisper” at 70-80 decibels – somewhere between an alarm clock and a busy street.

We are on the mend with our various illnesses of late.  I am pretty certain Landon is almost there because I caught her climbing up on the counter to get hersheys kisses after she poured my Biolage shampoo in our 6 foot wall fountain.    I am glad I have a good colorist – that girl is giving my more gray hairs by the minute.

I did get a chuckle when Landon was eating her ice chips (during the height of the strep battle).    She ran off (not listening to me AGAIN) to get in to some kind of trouble.  When she got back she screamed… fearing the worst (like loss of television service or something) I came running.  The ice had melted – it was now water.  “MOMMMMMMMY  .. you broke it…. You broke my ice… why you break my ice?”  I told her it was the Lord’s way of telling her to sit still and listen to mommy.

Swim lessons started today.  We are very excited.  Can you just picture how relaxing this was with two of them???

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