The Silent O

30 Jun

We are recovering from all of our illnesses (strep, pink eye, ear infection, its like the infirmary over here) and all within 2 weeks.   I realized I had sinus infection Sunday when I bent over to do down dog which nearly turned in to Flat On Your Ass Dog – huge head rush and immediate awareness of the need for a doctor in the family.

And taking a moment for myself today, I spied an advanced Vinyasa class. In delighted anticipation I assume my position on the mat.  He begins with a little speech and then tells us all to take a silent O.  Beg pardon…. Concentration broken entirely.  I looked around to find the entire class taking their silent O in front of God and everyone. Wh…wha.what?   Dear Lord. Is this X-rated Yoga?  I believe the instructor meant a silent Om …. Regardless, I was left thinking if I could do that, it would render my search for a man completely unnecessary.

A friend was over last night. While cleaning up the dishes Landon became very upset…. “MOMMY!  S…Sh……She will not let me put sugar in der”  Huh?  Oh the dishwasher. I call the soap “sugar” for the dishwasher.  Why is it that they remember things like that but nothing that involves actually behaving…EVER

Its hectic here – a hurricane every morning. Landon is more and more of a little girl daily – wanting to make her own choices and wear only “dresses dat twirl Mommy”.   Tennyson is doing better – sleeping more and enjoying her friends.  I get lost in the morning hysteria at times.  Today I kept looking for Tennyson’s  breakfast (baby pancakes) until I saw it adhered to her shoe tread …driven further in to the carpet with every wobbly step.

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