The Buttermaid

02 Jul

Today as we left for school Landon had packed her bag of critical items she would need throughout the day.  “Mommy dis my bag…. I need all deas things…..its my bag… so peas stay out”.   I just had to peek:

  • Milk
  • Apricots
  • Her new half butterfly/half mermaid doll – I have named her The Buttermaid (which I think destines her for a career in porn)
  • Popcorn kernels
  • A jar of mustard

I am not really sure what to make of this combination – but am sure some therapist would have a hay-day with it.

Landon had her soccer practice yesterday.  Coach Kyle shows up (late 20’s/early 30’s quite cute – definitely Cougar worthy).  We had curled Landon’s hair so it was quite fluffy.  Landon said:  “um… coach Kyle…you.. um…you…like my hair?  It all curly” all the while batting eyes and hand fluffing her locks.  OMG – I am scared.

Last night we rescued two puggles from the middle of the street. I  kept thinking the one was really fast until I noticed the two together.  No tags, no owner in sight … but many cars.  So guess who came to dinner.  Signs out pretty quickly as I knew their “parents” would be scared (which was quite the feat when juggling meals, baths, and bed).

Landon and Tennyson were beside themselves – it was absolute chaos.  Finally we get Tennyson to bed and have the pups on the porch as they are barking so much my neighbors are starting to complain.  Landon makes herself a bed out there and tells me to “peas leave her alone… I know how take care of babies and chu making deas puppies nervous”.   Well!  I know when I am not appreciated.  9:00 the Daddy calls and saw the flyer – here he comes.  Landon quite distraught…. “my babies….dey need me”.   All is well in the end – although we did discuss the value of tags on animals as this madness is something I am not anxious to repeat again any time soon.

Anyone have any idea for oatmeal removal. It is Tennyson’s medium of choice these days, as well as, hair styling product.  I’ve not seen anything quite like it.  Everything I put on has a large glob somewhere on it of either fresh or dried oatmeal. I have been told twice lately that I smelled nice… like an oatmeal cookie.

Happy 4th.

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