The Doo Rag

05 Jul

4th of July at the Doc in the Box again.  This time me –honestly I felt awful.

My doctor walks in sporting a Doo Rag — which I am renaming a Don’t Rag as they really don’t look good on anyone. “What brings you here today?”  Um…. the coffee?

  • congestion
  • achy
  • nausea
  • fever
  • headache

I recap all my challenges with the Doo Rag and he says “well how can I help you today?  What one thing can I help you with at urgent care?”

Okay………… um…. “I’d like to look like Halle Berry — can you make that happen?”  Perplexed “excuse me?”   “Okay doctor… I would like to feel like I am not about to damn die”.    Needless to say he was no help — gave me some Flonase and told me that I really should eat something — yea… thanks for that.

Landon cared for me during my illness — you can imagine. “Pat Pat Pat your head mommy”  Pummel Pummel Pummel.  “Mommy let check chur troat” as she tried to stick a flashlight down it.  I stopped her dead in her tracks when she moved toward my hind quarters with the thermometer.

Landon has figured out that I have name other than Mommy.  She loves getting up and saying Hi Keeeeely….   It really is funny.

She also has been working on her greetings of others, the latest    “Hi dere….whats chur problem today?”    God only knows where she got that.

Tenny is fine — gaining weight and so tall most of her 18 month clothes are mid-driffs now.  She is good and sticky most all of the time.  Her peepops (suckers) can generally be found in my hair or adhered to a random piece of furniture.

And I am topping an otherwise stellar holiday weekend watching Jake and Vienna and the reason for their breakup.  Seriously?  With two such fine and upstanding folks as yourselves?    I think he needs to go back to flying planes and she needs to find a pole and start dancing.

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