Off Sides

09 Jul

Well…… I had my first business trip since having two children.  Oh My God – I left skid marks getting outta here.  Don’t get me wrong…. I love my children….. That said, a night in a nice clean and oatmeal free hotel room was quite appealing to me.  Red wine with no kids trying to take a sip or knock it over — heaven I tell you.

Well there were like hundreds of us there (seriously) – big IBM announcement.  I run in to a colleague who is also above me (literally and figuratively — he is like 6″5′ or so and a higher level than me).  “Kelly Hi — good to see you”.

“Oh yea…. you too”   I reach to shake hands.

Not enough.  He is going in for the cheek kiss.  Okay well…. I am known to be  a bit clumsy…….I shan’t disappoint.

There are so many things to decide – do I lean up, lean in, turn to the right, turn left, body stiff, body relaxed, shake hands while cheek kissing — its all too much  — and all these must be coordinated and cemented in about 4 seconds.  In the midst of all my decision making and movement —-AKKKK! One wrong turn and we are in a full on lip lock – SWEAR to God.  AKKKKK!  OMG OMG OMG He tried to make small talk as I sped away….I could not get out of there fast enough – my face an altogether new shade of red — flames beginning to peek through my ears.

I may have to quit….

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One response to “Off Sides

  1. Jaidene

    July 9, 2010 at 9:46 pm

    This kills me! You are such a terrific person and mom, and I’m sure just having time to yourself was a real treat. Motherhood and single motherhood is such a huuuuuge challenge!


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