Dream Maker

15 Jul

Its like Dream Weaver only without all the drugs and frizzy hair.

My girls are making their debut on Carolina Adoption Services.  Check them out…..

Your Dream Maker … What Are You Waiting For?

No Comments Jul 01, 2010
Girls adopted from moldova

My story (by Kelly O.) – is one of hope and dreams coming true. It could be yours too. I FINALLY decided to adopt after breaking up with jerk of a boyfriend of 1 ½ years (that is another story which would require a lot of time and extensive therapy to share)… Moving on to the Divine Intervention I like to call Carolina Adoption Services (CAS).

I worked with CAS to complete applications, paperwork, background checks and all the other required stuff (and believe you me there is a lot). Cut to 7 months later and I am single mom of the most beautiful daughter (well one of the two most beautiful daughters – hint hint).

little girl adopted from Moldova

My world was upside down, I was all atwitter. Best time of my life. Most exhausting time of my life too – I am not going to lie to you. Very good weight loss plan too – chasing after an 11 month old.

Life changed on a dime – no more 3 dates a week with gorgeous wealthy men (oh wait…that never actually happened…). Playgrounds, oatmeal on my pants, sliding across the floor on a variety of Fisher Price toys – total bliss (well most of the time).

Then 1 year later I am dreaming of another child – I see her a few times in a dream (and no, I was not drinking). I call CAS again – brrring brrring – Kelly calling. Saddle up the horse, we are on a way again.

11 months later, I am home with child #2, beautiful girl. And yes I am still single and tired and happy. Both adoptions were different, stressful in their own unique ways, wonderful in their own ways. It’s a crazy life. I feel I owe so much to CAS and Moldova in general. It’s a wonderFULL life…never a dull moment.

Give me a C…………. give me an A………….give me an S………What do you have?


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One response to “Dream Maker

  1. Marge Roate

    July 23, 2010 at 3:21 pm

    Hurrah for you…..who stepped up and took your dream….times two!


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