18 Jul

 Even though I have been near death (stretching it a bit although there was a day I felt I was about to die), I have gained a real appreciation for two things this week as a result my children:

McDonald’s French fries (damn! They are good) and Tater Tots.  On the Fry front …. I just don’t know … do they have crack in them?  Cocaine?  Isn’t that the same thing?  (I really don’t know the answer to that because I am really so lame).

 When we go to “Old MacDonalds” as Landon calls it, I let her hold one of the bags – NEVER EVER THE BAG WITH THE ACTUAL FRENCH FRIES IN IT.  I make her promise not to open it until we get home as she will not get the prize.  Tennyson is too young to really appreciate that the cheap plastic lead based paint thing from China is actually a prize…

 I quietly ride with the “fry bag” and nibble on heaven’s door for the 21 minutes it takes to get home.  Tennyson can kind of see me; but, I have become so good at hiding my secret pleasure, I think it could be a wedding cake and she would not really see it.

 And on the Tater Tot front….. I do love me some Tater Tots.  Not the squishy, soggy ones (because that is no better than a cheap hash brown) but a crisp hot tater tot, accompanied by a dip of good catsup.  Not much better.

 I met a man at the salad bar this week. Very nice and very handsome, right age range – looking up.  I hear all about his life story over the Romaine.  Loves animals, is healthy, sense of humor, etc. etc. etc. He reveals just as he is asking for my number that he has lived at home with his “mama” since he got out of college…. 27 YEARS AGO.  And… WE ARE DONE.    Speeding up the salad prep; wishing I had those sneakers with wheels in them.  I get the tough economy and the job challenges.…. HOWEVER, if you have a college degree and your “mama” ain’t sick AND you FREELOAD off of her for 27 years…. I am probably not the right door on which to be a’knocking.  

 Beech-O signing off.

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