Dropping of the Trou

18 Jul

This week I have AGAIN been sick as a dog.   Virus causing 101.7 fevers in a middle aged woman and toilet hugging behavior – just madness.

I arrive at school to pick up the girls –  wondering if I can get there and back without heaving in the car (nice…).  Get Landon,… get Tennyson.  We are walking down the hall towards home – great … only a few more feet and I will just about escape notice – hiding behind my baseball cap.

I see a diaper on the floor – hmmm, well that is odd.  One must have fallen out of a parent’s bag.  Hug Tenny tighter…..she feels lighter you know…    Hang on… her butt is naked — how can that be….NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..   Instead of the cold cocktail I thought my greet me and make me feel better, I feel a stream of warm pee pee running down my leg.  Tennyson was the rightful owner of the fallen diaper.


  • Pampers design?
  • Application error?
  • Karma Kelly must have incurred as a wretched but wealthy queen in Elizabethan times?

My money is on #3.  I swear Murphy has crapped all over me lately – can he just move on to the next victim?

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