20 Jul

I have decided that I do not like people who match.  I mean I guess if you are twins or something that is okay.  I have no time to match anymore.  I wear yoga pants all the time – -to the gym, school, Sam’s Club, the bank, the theater (who am I kidding – I don’t get to the theater).   You can put on pearls or a nice bauble, pretty jacket or sweater with the YP (yoga pant) and people think you actually took time when getting ready.

If you do not own some LuLuLemon workout pants – do yourself and your classmates a favor and get some.  You will be happy with your reflection and will have a better yoga form – bank on it.

The school called to say once again Tenny is sick.  101.6 fever – Please!  I am not going to lie – I saw the number on my caller ID  when I finished at the gym and cried.  How much more can a girl take?    I am not sure what to do to stop this rampant sickness.

The girls were playing tonight as I tried to straighten just a bit.  I hear the scream and go running.  Tenny is crying.  I see Landon throwing something on the counter and Tennyson rubbing her neck.  It is the curtain sash.   She would not……..

“Landon did you put that around your sister’s neck”

“What Mommy?”

“That Landon”

“Mommy you so funny”

“LANDON answer ME”

“ Mommy no” looking away.

“Landon tell me the truth”

“Mommy…well…..Mommy…. you…. I love your bootiful hair”

“Oh… honey that is nic…”  Wait… Are you wor…wor…working me??????

I have a baseball cap on with various strands escaping creating a Medusa-like hairstyle; my hair is far from “bootiful”.


“Mommy…it…was… Mommy… you know…it was an accident”

I cannot believe this.  An accident that you tied a curtain sash around your sister’s neck and tried to walk her like a dog?

I also notice my desperately needed cocktail has moved.

“Landon… did you try Mommy’s drink?”

“no Mommy”

“Landon…come here…. Open your mouth”

Moving as if the world will end in 15 seconds…..


I smell and indeed the child has imbibed.

Honestly this recent growth spurt is really going to impact my drinking….. Must find higher elevation.


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2 responses to “Chokher

  1. Grandma Terri

    July 20, 2010 at 1:48 pm

    Please don’t ever ask Karl what I did to him growing up!!!

    • kellyozley

      July 20, 2010 at 8:30 pm

      Do tell….hmmm… this might be a good conversation for wine!


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