The Sands of Mine

25 Jul

Well…. Today we went to the park.  A park with sand — akkkk!   You know what is coming. 

All is well except that I lost 5 pounds pushing 56 pounds uphill and back.  So sweaty was I,  I was afraid the massive double sexy stroller would slip from my grasp perhaps severing a limb or worse yet my neighbor’s daffodils. 

 Landon plays while I try to keep Tennyson from eating the sand and throwing it at other innocent children.    Landon then plops and proceeds to make huge exaggerated sand angels.  NOOOOOOOOO  I cannot stop her… it is underway.    I give up – I know it will be awful – but most of the damage is done.  

 Home we head, time for naps.  Landon, in her consistent nap avoidance behavior, uses all excuses (including I need to pee pee) to postpone the inevitable.  She proceeds to do her business and we both scream.  As she is removing her panties, it sounds as if the hourglass from The Wizard of Oz has broken open – all of the playground sand is now in my bathroom—we have a virtual sandbox.

 Remembering I am out of my Bobbi Brown exfoliation crystals, I start to scoop (I figure I can make my own until I can get to Macys)   Seriously this is one fantastic product and works with any cleanser, even the cheap ones from Target.(

 At some point I will clean it all up, scrub the bathroom floor and also Clorox the bristle blocks which were sprayed earlier w/ pee pee as Landon flung the baby potty around.

                       OMG – if I need to Clorox the blocks….. what do I have to do to my hands????

You would never know these two cuties are plotting to overthrow the matriarch

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