Carol Ann – Go Toward the Light

28 Jul

I often feel as if our house is inhabited by beings other than the three of us (ghosts, spirits, something like that….)

Both girls make the most bizarre noises when they sleep – Tennyson breathes so deeply and heavily it sounds like a hot yoga studio in there.  Landon has a sort of snore, snort, spit kind of thing going – sounds like a sleestack (remembering Land of the Lost — sooooo long ago)

One of our creepiest toys is a phone which will just randomly shout out – “Help me call my friends” – produces a sit straight up in bed with a “can I help you” response, heart rate exceeding suggested maximum.

And finally I did purchase the cheapest baby monitor I could find.  It rarely picks up anything the girls say or do but does often sound like “Carol Ann…. Go toward the light…”    One night with it right beside me, it failed to alert me of Landon’s escape, but gurgled, spit, burped, and crackled while Landon snuck up behind me requesting water.   She was well hydrated once she peeled me off the ceiling.

Oh and there is the one ghost I personally saw…. Ah but for another installment…….

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One response to “Carol Ann – Go Toward the Light

  1. Marge Roate

    July 29, 2010 at 5:28 am

    Just remember….sometimes when you’re living the dream, a nightmare shows up! Otherwise, it’s all good!


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