The Countdown

01 Aug

10, is the number of times Landon claimed something was an “acc-dent Mommy”, inclusive of coloring on the kitchen floor, taking Tennyson’s lollipop,  stealing my whisk to comb her doll’s hair, etc.

9, how many times Tennyson’s hurled her sippy cup out of the stroller this morning

8, number of times I caught Tennyson heads down in the trashcan digging out tissues

7, the number of times I cleaned the kitchen today

6, number of times I stepped in unrecognizable goo on the floor

5, a.m. the unGodly hour I was awakened by Tennyson’s screech

4, the number of times I prayed she would fall back asleep

3, the number of magic marker caps I found today (much concern over where actual markers are)

2, the number of times Landon threw a fit because her dress was not “bootiful nuff”, wanting Mommy to somehow move the asymmetrical flower design to align with the center of her glasses

1, cocktail in hand, 1 tired Mommy, ready for bed but wondering where the weekend went

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One response to “The Countdown

  1. Marge Roate

    August 2, 2010 at 7:20 am

    3 at least 3 times that I have to read your posts ’cause they crack me up….and I so need the distraction. Sorry at your expense! Love you lots and pray for your sanity! Aunt Margie


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