The Kiddy Pool

09 Aug

To complete our weekend of fun and bad behavior, we invited some nice friends over for some kiddy pool activities.  Kids are getting acclimated etc – all good.

 Landon fills a bucket with water and smiles that sweet smile which makes a pony seem very logical in our bungalow home.  She approaches her friend, actually her Godsister (as I am this child’s Godmother).      I watch in horror as she raises a large pink bucket and dumps it on her friend’s head.  Her friend is not yet in her bathing suit and really not at all amused.  Wh…wha….what?  I have no words.  This is not a frat party – what are you doing?

 And can you guess what she said? 

                                                “Mommy – twas an acc’dent”


So some demonic spirit raised your arm over Maya’s head only to force a direct pour center of scalp?? 

Have I got that right?   (actually could that be possible – maybe she is possessed and really has no control over all the acc’dents????)


And then on to  Sunday — HUGE loss.  

My cell … well it expired. 

Tragic it was.  So we are in the backyard with the blow up pool (which I refer to it PITA – pain in the ass).  

 It takes forever to fill and every time I do I forget to close the drain which means I flood the backyard and don’t realize it until I step outside in to a puddle. 

THEN I have to fill it up again, wasting our most precious resource and the water has no time to heat.

THI S OF COURSE  also means the water is basically an ice cube so the girls shiver for the entire 6 minutes they are in it.  

 Flippin fun as hell… come join us. 

So we are done and I need to drain the pool.  I brace my lower legs on the side of the pool – maybe 10 inches high. 



                       where is that drain? 

The pool is so full of dirt I cannot see it.  My friend points it out because she is younger and has better eyesight. DAMN HER on both counts.   Seriously now that I think of it, she is smarter than me and has a better body – really there is not much I like about her…. rethinking this one..

Okay back on track – stay focused for the “how”

So bracing myself on the pool, leaning in – this sucker is nearly impossible to open.  You have to sort of lift the pool to get the bottom off the ground so the drain will open – but it is full of water – so you can’t lift the stupid thing –  what does it weigh – like 100 pounds when full of water?  

 Slipping a bit but I got it….

Okay leaning in


Backpack purse slipping a little on my back (removing it would have been good – but this will just take a minute….)

Wow got it……….akkk!!!

Backpack slipping contents shifting.  Uh Oh! 

The only thing

the only thing

the only damn thing to fall out of my backpack is the



 I mean there are like 8 lip glosses in there, a brush, many credit cards, numerous pens – but my blackberry hits the pool with a sizeable splash.

This is not good.

And the finale – my babysitter is texting me telling me she is hurling and cannot watch the girls – but I cannot see it because my phone is now submerged.  


This part is going to go on for a while — come on back… I’ll be right here.  WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


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3 responses to “The Kiddy Pool

  1. Jill

    August 9, 2010 at 10:40 pm

    Get an iphone! Much easier for us maturing ones with eyesight issues! Love ya. Jill xx Not only that girlfriend Gucci and LV have seriously cool covers for them. Smiling and waving.

  2. Marge Roate

    August 10, 2010 at 8:19 am

    Yes Kelly, all too often “the dream” is indeed a nightmare! This, too, shall pass! I so know…hate that quote…who said it anyway? Love and hugs to ya, Aunt Margie

  3. Swati

    August 10, 2010 at 9:22 am

    oh my God so funny – my daughter used to use the “accident” excuse – they learn fast that if it was an accident, it’s ok as long as you apologize and do your best not to do it again…but then you may hear “well I did do my best and that bucket of water was all over her head anyway…” *smile*blink*blink*

    have dropped cell in water too…sigh…it is the only thing that falls – why?



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