Dr. John

18 Aug

So for anyone wondering what happened with the little one’s tooth (and really who isn’t), we did go to the dentist.    I can tell you with certainty…. all parties were nervous.

 “Hi… I am Dr. John”

 I am sure you are… seriously, does that not sound like a porn name?

 So we sit across from one another, Tenny in my lap and he across.  He pulls her down flat and shows just where the lost tooth has landed.  

 “Ah yes”,  he says,  “the tooth is still here – it is just pushed up in to the bone.”

 “What?  How did it get there ?’

 Jetblue dingbat …. how do you think?

 “When she fell she jammed it up in to the bone”

Oh God I need to sit down

Wait .. I am sitting down

Feeling a little roll of nausea.

“It will probably just come back down” he says.


How will it just come down? 

Will it just pop out at dinner?

Hello Tenny’s tooth returning to duty – I have enjoyed my sabbatical.

“She also ripped her gum – that is why there was all the blood”

More rolling nausea.

On he goes – about teeth alignment, the body’s natural healing process, gums bleed a lot , she is a lot of pain….. on we go.

 Then he said her thumb-sucking is impacting her bite and she will have to get braces.

 “But she will always be beautiful”

            Oh he has delivered this speech before.


“Braces?  She is 18 months old”

 Not now – brainchild …

 “When she is 12”

 “Eventually”,  he says “”this tooth she injured will self correct; it will be fine.”

 Geez how about that 15 minutes ago, before I thought I was going to toss hurl my tuna sandwich in your lap.

 Landon all the while is in girl heaven.  This dentist has buckets of trinkets to play with and one is your souvenir.  We must have gotten the ‘girl” room.    It is all jewels.

 This particular bucket in her hands is chock full of rings – ultra glitzy, pink, green, blue – all set in super shiny China made silver.  Super durable as was evidenced by 3 of the stones falling out while she was just rifling through the bucket.

 Landon is covered in them –one on each finger.

 “Mommy, can we stay here?’

 She would not have cared if they had pulled all Tennyson’s teeth without Novocaine, as long as she could keep the bling.

 We get ready to leave and Landon is just beside herself.

 So heard to choose which bauble to take and which to leave.  

“Honey you can have only one.”


 I mean I totally get it.. there are probably 100 in the bucket – totally seems fair that a girl could sneak out with 4 or 5… and she did.

 Glad to be done with that visit and will be investigating padding for various parts of the house.  

 Honestly I thought girls would get me away from this violent behavior long associated with boys.

Sidebar… if you haven’t seen this little diddy –  it is worth it.  A beautiful Southern woman.  She is SOOO like the woman I grew up around — pretty, strong, sharp (but softly as to sneak up on you when she attacks) — it is just so SOUTHERN.  You will enjoy — watch to the end.   Left Brain is her husband.


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2 responses to “Dr. John

  1. Marge Roate

    August 18, 2010 at 1:01 pm

    I can hardly type for laughing so darn much! “Left Brain”….yikes….can’t we all so relate to the “Y” factor?!!

  2. Swati

    August 20, 2010 at 2:41 pm

    hi Kelly – off to watch the you tube video…and I woulda been dizzy and nauseated too – I can’t stand it when all is not right with my little Moose!


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