Mistaken Identity?

24 Aug

As I was leaving the resort, I ran into a really nice couple. We actually shared the bus ride back to the airport.  

 I am reading and minding my own business when the man says:

“Okay I am just going to say it… do you know who Andrea Mitchell is?  Well,  you look like her.  Anyone ever tell you that”

            Ah ….no one still living…

 Here is a little tip… unless the person you are telling the other person they look like is very attractive… don’t share it… just take a little time and… HOLD THAT THOUGHT.  

 Okay back on topic…                            

 Cutting him a look …

“Indeed I do … she is like over 60 I believe”

                        Actually born in 1946, verified online.

 “I mean… you now… if she had a younger good-looking sister”.

 Still not happy… and I can tell you this wife was not.

 The only good thing about the Andrea comparison is that she is smart and her 107 year old husband (Mr. Greenspan) has some serious dinero.  

 Then this man says:

“The other thing I thought when I first saw you is…. Julie Roberts…that might be her with your hair and everything…. Then you stood up and I am thinking… oh no…she is too short.”


A cross between Andrea Mitchell and Julia Roberts.  That is like saying you look like Mr. T and John McCain. 

I mean….. come on.      

I can deduce only one thing… this man was stoned or needs to be stoned.

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Posted by on August 24, 2010 in Julia Roberts, spa


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