On Equal Ground?

26 Aug

Hi All,

I saw this article recently — fascinating.  It’s about how men who make less than their wives cheat.  Read on… I think you will be surprised.

The economic news for young women recently has been bright. Several studies have suggested that women under 30 who live in cities and work in industries that require a college education are earning more than their male peers, on average.

But ….now comes that irritating old other shoe: another new study has found that women who make more money than their men are more likely to be cheated on.

The study was presented by Christine Munsch a sociology Ph.D. candidate at Cornell University.  She found that men who were completely dependent on their wives’ incomes were five times likelier to cheat than those who contributed the same amount to the household finances.

Munsch believes this is not actually about money, but about men’s feelings of sexual identity. “”Being a man is strongly identified with being a breadwinner.” Men might engage in “hypermasculine activities” — displaying their sexual virility or sexual competence — as a form of compensatory behavior.   Hello Jesse James

Many psychologists and therapists believe that men more often cheat as an escape from their own lives or selves, rather than because they are dissatisfied with their partners — and one of the things they might want to escape from is the feeling of financial inferiority.   


At the other end of the spectrum, men who make a lot more money than their wives are also more inclined to cheat. While non-earning men cheat because they are unhappy, higher earning men cheat because … they can. 

Let’s give it up for Mr. Clinton and Tiger here

The men least likely to cheat had partners who made 75% of what they made. This is what’s called a silver lining.   

We may have to add a question on this very topic to eHarmony – to ensure relationship success.

As for women, income disparity works in the opposite way: those who make less than their men or who aren’t breadwinners at all were much less likely to cheat than those who made more. “For women, making less money than a male partner is not threatening, it is the status quo,” she says.

ACCCKKK! This makes me want to smack someone…. HARD

So folks… I did ponder on this for a bit.  Not typically what I would call a feminist; but, this did ruffle my feathers.  

So now Elin is dumping Tiger (you go girl!)

And…oh… bless his heart…. He struggles with sexual addiction…

Pausing …. Roll of nausea coming on….

            Okay better now.

Had the situation been reversed and She the cheater well…. How might that story have been reported:

Swedish bimbo cheats on dedicated father and superior golfer athlete (pillar of the community, Church deacon and volunteer for Special Olympics). 

X-model (a.k.a TRAMP) is rumored to have been inappropriately dressed (wearing a halter dress in ….Florida… shameless hussy …and a variety of  tube tops).  Also seen entertaining many confirmed “bad boys”…. twice caught in a compromising position outside the Piggy Wiggly.   

Questions as to her ability as a mother are also raised. 

We ask for your prayers during this trying time for our saintly Tiger”


We still see Tiger’s mug on various cereal boxes and as the Nike’s spokesperson.

Go figure………………….,8599,2012343,00.html — full article if you are interested

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  1. Jen

    August 30, 2010 at 1:08 am

    good post..great share, great to read it


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