Easy Fake Oven

02 Sep

Lets talk about feeding toddlers….it sucks.  Landon was so good about vegetables for the longest. 

Now… all we want is mac and cheese and the cheap stuff.    I mean that nasty orange powder cannot be good for you.

No matter how I try to “health” it up such as adding chickpeas

… doesn’t that just make ya want to take a bite

… or using whole grain pasta with alpha hydroxy in it

….no not alpha hydroxy

…that’s in makeup


… it’s omega fatty acids….something like that

… anyway… 

I receive that same response …

                     “it  yukky Mommy”

So I have resorted to hiding it in their food and bribery with candy.

“Mommy why da eggs green”

“well honey… this is a special type of green egg… from Chile” 

                 …. And as we seem to have contaminated about 80 billion domestic eggs with salmonella, this seems a plausible argument.

“wow Mommy — dey from Chile’s?   Dat is so crazy.”

Their eggs have either cauliflower (delish I must say) or spinach in them.   And… they frequently dine on spaghetti laced w/ carrots and broccoli….  Brilliant you say… yes indeed it is.

                  And also I saw it in Jessica Simpson’s cookbook.  Really she has some great recipes….

Is that rigtht?  Jessica Simpson?   I think I mean Jessica Seinfeld…. yea that one. 

Close though right ….same initials.

I like Jessica Simpson

… isn’t she the one

“is it chicken or is it tuna… … its chicken right.. I mean its says Chicken of the Sea?”

I always feel really smart when she is speaking

… and you know I need that now.

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Posted by on September 2, 2010 in Cooking, Toddler


One response to “Easy Fake Oven

  1. Marge Roate

    September 3, 2010 at 6:29 am

    Brilliant…brilliant Kelly! Keep on moving right along!


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