The Remains of the Prey – The Squeakquel

03 Sep

A little update on the “prey” (a.k.a.  da mouse)

 We believe we have located him.  I am pretty certain it is him

… son of Ben

…daughter of Ben

…spawn of Ben

Somehow the critter crawled up in the bathroom vent and died. 

How do I know he is dead?  

How do I know he is in there?

 … well

 … I saw gray matter in there for one thing — coming out the vent

…like mouse stuffing

…like he may have been making a little mouse house before he passed. 

I have spent a lot of time in there

…the bathroom I mean

…moving things ever so slightly

…investigating his whereabouts

…thinking he might have met his end under the trash can or some such item.  

Every item moved causes an adrenaline rush and heart palpitations.

Many a scream has accompanied this little quest,  let me tell you

… practice screams I guess

…just in case I really find him.  

 The smell is the clincher.

 …it stinks in the bathroom

 …and not just a tiny bit

 …a lot a bit

Every time we go in the bathroom, Landon says “Mommy it so tinky in here… Tennyson pooped”

 I am not telling her what it is – she would want to keep it and sleep with it in her bed.  

 And because it is still hot, every time the air conditioner comes on, we get a blast of his decaying carcass

…the aroma is as if we reside in one large fermented diaper.


…with each burst of air

…I am reminded

…of the decay of the prey.

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