Holy Crap

06 Sep

Hello all….

I trust everyone is having/had a wonderful holiday weekend.  Ours was busy and consisted of several ailing Ozleys.

We took a trip to the Urgent Care…

why, why do we always get sick on the weekend?

We have been so many times in the last 3 months, they know us by name.

 Still…..we are required each time to complete the Signature To Treat form.

Am I the only one to which this seems asinine?

I mean I have voluntarily walked in to the DAMN doctor’s office…

no one has a gun to my head…

you are not serving cocktails…

Why else would I be in there…

Do you think I am here to get my toes painted?? 

Good Lord!

I am trying to sign the stupid forms when Landon does a ballerina twirl which knocks the basket of pens on to the floor.

Receptionist lacking any form of personality is not happy…

I think…its hard to tell.

I have Tenny sandwiched between my legs in a sort of ThighMaster sort of maneuver, when she breaks through.  

The receptionist is telling me

“Mom… you have to sign these forms…”

 Yes….yes… I know that…

 “before we can treat you all”

 yes…yes…nodding…where IS Tennyson….


 The male nurse (Murse) says

 “Ma’am…could you get her…

          She is in our narcotics”

 I mean like she is ferreting out a fix or something….

 I could go on and on about checking of the temps etc.  Lets just say when they called back the “OZLEYS”….

we all trod in…

each is checked….

each is sick….

each gets a prescription.


So we are recuperating and will survive but…

Oh the upside, we did have a funny…

at least now it is funny.

At the Target, we were looking for the Greek yogurt (which is sooo much better for you –WAY more protein.)

Okay so this lady is also searching out the Greek yogurt, so we are…

you know…

pretty close.

She has gas…

Not a little gas…

But fuel a Hummer kind of gas…


Landon looks at me and I PRAY…

then cut her a look with the finger shhh to the mouth.

Well this lady…


 have you no shame!


 Oh my sweet Landon…

 She says….

 “You poop your pants?”

 Sweet Jesus – where to hide.

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