The Name Game

06 Oct

I remember distinctly laughing at my dad for getting our names wrong.  He would look right at you and call you something else. And you know he was a young dad – not like me.  I am not a young parent, so you can just imagine.

 I thought he was crazy (like we needed to call someone from the “special place” up on the hill kind a crazy) when he would look at my sister and say:

“Kelly…Rhett… Freckles”

Okay her name is Tracey.

I am Kelly

Rhett  – a dog  (that’s dawg in the South)

Freckles  – also a dawg.


So my Tennyson is a stinker…

I mean a real one…

(Like if this wasn’t a family show we might say she was a little shit at times.)

A lot of the time.


And with those natural curls and those dimples…

She thinks/knows she can get away with it. 

So tonight when she hurled the remote at the TV and then did the victory dance…

As in…

direct hit…

you sunk my battleship…

kind of thing…


I was like…

 “Clooney…  Clyde… Landon… Wait? What?”

Clooney – a cat

Clyde – also a cat

Landon – her sister, quite possibly also up to something…

(Only I have not discovered it.)


I am looking right at her…


…and have basically gone through my rollerdex of troublemakers. 

 I cannot remember my kid’s name???


I have dementia… 

I have lost it

This is the beginning stages…. 

It is hereditary.  It’s in my genes.  I can’t believe it. 

 But worse,  I can’t even recall why I am angry. 


I have lost all memory of my children’s names and ALSO of my short-term memory. 





Who are you?

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Posted by on October 6, 2010 in Name


One response to “The Name Game

  1. Marge Roate

    October 7, 2010 at 5:24 am

    Welcome Home Kotter….no I mean Welcome Home Kelly! Guess what….that little exercise will continue for the rest of your life….even with the grandkids! love you, Aunt Margie


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