You Can Borrow Daddy

03 Nov

My nephew Logan said this to me when he was 7 (he is about 9 now so will be mortified to read this).

And his name is SOOOO not Logan Miller so don’t even think about giving him a hard time.

It was Sunday and time for our weekend family call.

Logan does not do a lot of talking on these call…

so when he does…

you listen.

“Aunt Kelly can I ask you something?”.

“Well of course honey”.

“when are you going to bring Landon to see us because she is cute”.

“Well what about me Logan?”

“well yea, you too I guess but you are older”.

Okay then.

Then he said (channeling my mother)

“Aunt Kelly can I tell you something else”?

With hesitation this time, I said “um… sure”

“Aunt Kelly, I am pretty sure that when you have a baby, you are supposed to have a husband.

You should get one.

You can use Daddy or Adam (his brother) if you want”

well alrighty then…….

It was a genuinely sweet offer but having my nephew or brother-in-law as a husband is just a little too West Virgina for me.

“you should really work on that Aunt Kelly”.

OK I’ll get right on that.

So I see that Art Linkletter was right.  Kids do say the darndest thing (just like this guy)

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One response to “You Can Borrow Daddy

  1. Alexandra

    November 29, 2010 at 10:27 am

    THis was adorable, and I love your blog. So glad Kris has you up for us to find.


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