Pat McGroin

11 Nov

****Remembering a funny incident***


The Qwest (phone line) man was at our house recently…

Pat McGroin (someone will get this later).

He was researching the phone challenges I was having.

As this was a Saturday, the kids were home.

Pat McGroin

So Pat does all his work.

He has a very impressive work belt…

all sort of devices attached



and one VERY red phone dead center (think 1995 cell phone).



he finishes his work and is reviewing the “issues’ with me.

Again the red mammoth cell phone sits dead center of…

his “gentlemen’s’ quarters”.


I am so focused on the electric interference Pat is describing that I don’t see Landon grab Pat’s phone initially.

And then I DO.    ACCCKKKK!


I scream “LANDON!!”…

which scares her and results in a quick and forceful release.


Pat lets out a yell which I felt sure would summon the neighborhood dogs.


He promptly grabbed his paraphernalia and left…

as fast as any human possibly can…

(well as fast as any man racked with pain and hunched over can)


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2 responses to “Pat McGroin

  1. judy ray

    November 14, 2010 at 6:00 pm

    I think he needs to get a head set……………… Mom


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