Ode to a Sponge

21 Nov

It’s just been a day

A day of hysteria and toddler drama

A day where I sincerely do not think it is possible…

to say my name at anything less the ear deafening volumes.


Running to the source.


Landon – “TennyEsun”

(which is how she says her sister Tennyson’s name)

“Mommy TennyEsun put your makeup thing in the toilet”

Looking in the toilet bowl…

I do not see my favorite makeup sponge

the one I use EVERY DAY

It’s a good sponge for makeup application…

Let me tell you.

And this sponge is no stranger to spackle application…

On no my friend.


Sonia Kashuk @ Target — 9.99 (yes it’s a lot for a stupid sponge… but you will LOVE it)

Sonia Kashuk sponge

“um…ok… where’d ya put it?”

“I flush it Mommy”

“but it be back”

“I just need wash it”


And it’s coming back?

From the Denver sewage system?


Bye Bye Sponge

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