Da Cowboy

14 Dec

In the airport

Waiting for the plane.

Two small children

Raising a raucous

Hated and feared by all other travelers.


“Mommy is time yet?”

“I want a gooooooooooooooooo?”

“Mommy Mommy Mommy”

“I want to go on da plane.”


The bubble over my head says

“I want to go to da bar”


“Mommy I tirsty.”

“Mommy Mommy Mommy”

Good God – PLEASE HURRY UP!!!!


And then the incoming flight is arriving.

Thank you!



It’s Southwest.

So we, like the others…

Must stand in line as cattle.


For permission to enter…

Or some feed

Everyone anxious and irritated…

But trying to act cordial…

It is afterall…

The holiday season.





Honestly it could be anyone…

there are lots of moms in here.

Maybe she is not taking to me.



Attached to my leg like velcro.



Did she fall?



“MOMMY it a real cowboy!”

“Like on TV.”


And she was right.

It was a cowboy.

Da Cowboy


Because this flight was coming in from Dallas.

And there he was…


Sporting worn boots

ill fitting wranglers

a bolo…

And a bonafide cowboy hat.

He was missing only…

The lasso…

And the horse.



All 143 waiting rolled.

Hysterical laughter…

Landon not understanding…

But so excited.

It turned a tense moment to one of holiday levity…

And everyone relaxed if but for a little while.

The cowboy?

In true cowboy fashion.

Did not crack a smile.

He moved slowly and steadily forward

In search of whiskey…

Miss Kitty…

And a place to hang his hat.

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