The Hotel

15 Dec

A recent trip

With the girls.

It’s pleasant.


They are having fun.


We (or maybe me)…

Are enjoying having someone else cook…

And clean.


You let your kids do things in a hotel that you don’t normally let them do.

Make a bit more of a mess.

Push all the buttons on the elevator…

at the same time


I didn’t encourage that…

They just did it before I can catch both of them.

And stay up later.

Jump on the bed.

Okay I admit it.

I let them.

A little

I mean it’s sort of a perk of the hotel isn’t it.

And a right of passage.

I think it’s even in the hotel bill of rights.


And we go to a friend’s party.

Lovely people.

A nice  lady spies Landon.

“Hello!  Aren’t you pretty”.


So nice to have all that confidence at almost 4.

“where do you live?”


And Landon with the innocence of a child…

Matter of factly says:

“The hotel”

Uh Oh!

Think we will be staying home for a little while.

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