An Attempt At Being Professional

28 Dec

Big customer meeting.  I am excited.

There will be no children.

And we will not talk about Thomas the Train or Dora or The Wiggles.



I am out of town but make it to the meeting

And am ecstatic.

Because I got lost with the damn GPS

Which took me to someone’s car repair shop

In a wooded area

which reminded me of Deliverance.


But I am there in my nice Nordstom suit…

My hair is styled


We have about 40 clients here.


I am feeling that I am making IBM proud.


I am about to shake a client’s hand


My colleague shoves me back

What the hell?


“hey Kelly…you need to take that coat off before you meet any customers”



This is an expensive coat.


“well… you have snot on both of your shoulders”


DAMNIT!  (… and just for the record it was not mine)



You should go to the bathroom”


What the hell again?

“What are you talking about”

I mean I just went ….

Who is he to tell me what to do with my bowels?



There is a sucker in the back of your hair…

You might want to get that out”



as I sped to the ladies room.

and he was right…

on both counts.


and he…

also had to go outside


he was laughing so hard…

his about to expel his coffee…

through his nostrils.


It's me... only I am not asian, don't have a boy, and my kids are older...but you get the point right???



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