Hundred and Sixty Nine

14 Jan

The sickness is back.  Stay away from our house if you are smart.


I got that dreaded call

The one we all know

The call you don’t want to answer

You pretend that you don’t see

Until the guilt overcomes you


“Kelly this is Haley from Kinderwhatever.  L is not feeling well.  You don’t have to come get her (you know… if you don’t care about your very own child) …. But she keeps saying she is not well and she won’t eat”

Silence as I am condemned as a mother by Haley…

I finish my business call…

Grab a bite…

Which I cannot finish because I feel like such a crappy mom.


On the way home.

I get the story.


Somebody at school

They take my fever.”




It was


So like a fever that I have for all my life Mommy”


Honestly this is the conversation…

you can come back tomorrow  – same time and we will be covering the same topic.

I have forgotten what it is we are discussing…

and my name.



My cheeks be so red

And dey make me sick


My fever

My head it has a fever

It was

It was

It was”

(for Gods sake SPIT IT OUT)

“It so high

So so so so so so

It so high

It was


… and sixty nine?





My child is the Equator.

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