Dat Gross

17 Jan

Okay so…


Both girls had strep last week…

Yes both…



At the doctor…

We wait

And wait

And wait

And we?  have an appointment.


Finally in comes the PA

This is one we have not had before

Which is surprising with the frequency of our visits.


Honestly I have stopped dead in my tracks

This woman?

Is considerably older than me

(which means she could probably die at any moment)

And she has?

A nose stud.


Not a nose bud…

Or wart.

A stud?

A little earring stabbed through her right nostril.


Seriously if that is your deal… rock on


I am going to stare.

I just am.

I just cannot imagine how much that hurt…

or the maintenance required…

And what with the boogers and all…



So Tenny is too young to really grasp this.

But Landon?

Please Lord…

Maybe she will not notice the sparkly emerald gem.






Perhaps I am safe.

But then I see the child is mesmerized…

And here it comes.


“What dat?”

Pointing at the twinkle

Nearly laying her hand on it.


“Oh…that is an earring”


“Mommy puts dose in her ears…

Dat gross”



Chuckle chuckle

(Mommy is DYING!)


“When I was 60, I decided I needed it for my birthday”




“Oh… your burfday?”

“It my burfday tomorrow…

Mommy can I…?


“NO    NO    NO    NO    NO    NO”

This is all I can envision in about 10 years.









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2 responses to “Dat Gross

  1. Brenda Fry Avant

    January 17, 2011 at 10:11 am

    Kelly, you are a hoot. I have forgotten how funny you were. I miss our glory days. Love hearing about your little girls. If you get back home sometime let me know. My daughter lives only a few houses down from your mom and I am there most everyday of the week babysitting. Love ya girl!

    • kellyozley

      January 17, 2011 at 10:39 am

      Hey girl. Mom normally ends up out here — but you never know. You should go see her — she would love it.


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