Kitty Love

02 Feb

So I am thinking back to my little Bonnie

And she is just a cat

Or was just a cat

And she died almost two years ago.

But it was sudden

And I still miss her.

Sweet Bonnie

And when I find her collar in my drawer, it still makes me cry (as I do a little now)


Because she was my friend


And she didn’t judge


Or criticize


She just loved me.

Even when I didn’t pet her enough

Or was a little late with the fancy feast

She was just there at my feet

Or on the bed

Just wanting to be near me

Needing a periodic head nuzzle

Or scratch of the ears

Just warm and sweet

No expectations

Just my friend

With no conditions

Just loving me for me

It was pure.


And I am thinking that this cat taught me how to love

(she and her brother Clyde)

Like really love…

Like all the way…

big heart…

all the way open love.

Because man these pets are clever.

They can worm all the way in there.


I did have pets as a kid

But this one was different.

She was MY kitty…

and, honestly, this was my first time as a Mom.

We were together for 10 years

And that?

No matter how you look at it…

IS a relationship.


I read recently a cool article.

It said that if we treated our mates with the same love and acceptance

We do our pets

Our relationships would be a lot better.


Like you know Bonnie was so sick before she passed

she threw up everywhere.

Trashed the carpets.

But I didn’t care.

And she scratched the hell out of my couch…

but I still loved her.

Even when she jumped on the counter…

and dragged her tail through the spaghetti…

it was funny.



Wonder if I would have cut my guy the same slack?

(if he got his tail in spaghetti… I am sure we would have a lot of other issues to deal with but…)


Maybe too when I think about her…

that IS little Bonnie…

Tickling my memory.

And maybe she wants me to remember her

How I loved her.

So I will be ready when I meet my guy…

or anyone for that matter.


I like that.

Sneaky little Bonnie

All this time I thought I was her to take care of you.

Turns out it was the other way around.


If you never saw this, it is worth a watch.  Even if you did, you will thank me for the second chance.

And if you get through this without tearing up or remembering a favorite pet…

call me…

we are going to check your heart.

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