Jew’ry Flanket and the Fat Boy

05 Feb

We have a fat cat.

Not just a little fat.

WAY fat.


he is about 24 pounds

And he?

Likes to eat.



So this photo is Clyde with my daughter at 18 months.

He weighed more than she does.

At 5’4…

if I pick him up…

he takes up most of my torso.




So the boy is fat.

But, I think I know what is causing this

at least to some degree.


Giggle giggle giggle

That always scares me

The giggle giggle giggle…

Especially when I can’t find where they are.


I see that my children have poured a mound of food for the cat.

And the youngest is wearing his cat bowl…

as a crown.

And as he usually eats Fancy Feast …

I guess that is appropriate.


And Clyde?

Is chowing down.

And next to him.

Is Landon’s toy dog.

Whom she has named Jew’ry Flanket.

I have no idea where that came from.

The dog seems to have multiple personalities because….

Three weeks ago he was Santa Mouse

Two weeks ago he was Lamonia Tinsel

And just last week he was Esperanza Penny

(his names are getting oddly more stripper sounding I did notice)


“Mommy Clyde … he is so happy…


And then…

“Mommy Clyde is SOOOOO fat”


“Yes I know that…

And you are not supposed to feed the cat…only Mommy does that, right?”


Looking the other way…

Thinking I will forget.

I NEVER forget.

Pondering her retort

“Mommy… Clyde be so fat…

The doc’er

The doc’er he…

He needs go in dere and take out all of dat fat”


Out of the mouth of babes…

Liposuction discussions at 4…


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