The Trailer

10 Feb

Robin Williams

whom I love

except he cheated on his wife with the babysitter

and he is a bit hairy for my taste


“There’s no difference between a tornado an’ a divorce, in deh South.

Either way, someone’s losing a trailer


Which made me think of Mama.

Because Mama is in Alabama.

So I called her.


Mama has been sick…

And Mama has been home too long by herself.


So we compared “sick” notes.

I told her my symptoms.


“Kelly Lynn!





… that nasty mess is your head…that is ‘fection”

Okay Ms. Judy …Dr. of Mucus’ology.


“And that fever…that is not good.”

“Really Mom?”


“Did you ask your doctor?”

“I did…she said it was viral?”



what do you mean Viral?

That mean you didn’t get no med’cine?”




“Kelly!  You need to find yourself a doctor who will give you drugs.

Dr.Pentium gave me 3 prescriptions… WITH refills”




“I am serious…

this bug that is going around…

It is lethal…

They should use it over in Iraq

I swainee they should”


I’m calling Obama…

First thing…

Tell him we have a plan to end all this.


Isn’t it grand to have a mother who is a drug pusher?
























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