Woman Found Crying In Basement

16 Feb

As a single parent…

As a parent…

As a human being…

I know we all have those days…

Where our head spins and we wonder how we survived.

Just happy to be at the end of the day

Wondering where it actually went…

But oh so happy to see it expire.


Kids are sleeping FINALLY.


I am downstairs washing what appears to have been generated by the Osmond  family.

We are separated by color/fabric, pre-treated and ready to go.

I am amazed at myself.

The kitchen is clean

dishwasher ready to go

Wine at my side

and this week’s Glee DVR’d and ready for viewing.

I am on FIRE tonight.


Fully expect a call from Martha congratulating me on Being Mom of The Day or something.


I be so sexy when I do laundry.

The whites are ready.

Soap in,  then fabric softener (likes em soft I do)

And bleach… little extra for the school uniform stains.


Press press  press the buttons and START!

Swish! Swish!

Out Out you damn dirt.

Yea me!


I scan the rest of the laundry on the floor… just to see what is left.

Ah… whites next.

Hang on.    I am washing whites… I just put in the bleach…


S   H   I   T

S   H   I   T



I just put bleach in a load of the darkest clothes I have.

OMG    OMG     OMG



Trying to open the door…

But the HE3 system locks the door after 8 seconds.

(why is this locking thing necessary?  It is not as if my clothes are under nuclear attack.)


S   H   I  T

S   H   I  T


Pressing all the buttons.

Finally it is open..


That was about 48 seconds

I am sure they are okay.


As I open the door, water drips  on to the floor.


I take out the clothes, one at a time to survey the damage.

Brand new 4T brown leggings, now looking a bit like a small Palomino

4 black socks—one white now, one grey and two now like speckled pups.

Black INC wrap top that I wear every day over my yoga top.  RUINED!

Black Nike pants… now with a white stripe down the crotch… looking like Jay Leno’s hair.

Favorite black tank…now an ashen shade on one side.

This goes on for a few minutes.  I lose a total of 9 items.  God was nice to me on the remaining 6.


I cannot believe my stupidity… my Mommy exhaustion and Tasmanian devil like speed have caught up to me.   I collapse to the ground to steady myself.

And now leg is wet… in my brown Nike pants…


The water that dripped out of the washer?

I am now sitting in…


It was not water…

But bleach.

And my remaining pair of NIKE pants…

I have  just destroyed.


ACKKKKK!     MOMMY!    HELP ME!!!!!!

WAAAA!        WAAAAAA!    WAAAAA!   Click to hear me.

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