11 Mar

It is a cold evening.

And our house is old and cold…

So we dress warmly at night.

Footy PJ’s for the girls…

And really…

there isn’t anything cuter than a toddler in footie jammies.



when you become 4…

you have more of an opinion…

which sometimes makes the evening routine difficult to complete.


“MOMMY…dey hurt… my toes… dey hurt”



“Honey … what is the problem?”


I investigate.

It appears that the little ridge/seam where the fabric comes together…

At the toes…

The microscopic seam…

Well it is bothering the princess’s toes.




How is this so?

when the child can purposely put her boots on the wrong feet…

and dance around the house for an hour

in total delight.





“I so hurting…

I gonna die”


Trying to adjust

Scoot scoot

Loosen fabric



So in a moment of hysteria and absolute loss of control…

Modified PJ's...modeled by Gigi the doll




Cut the feet out…

yes I did.


Freed those toes…




And I used?

My cuticle scissors

Because they were there.



And then?



Wailing from Landon because?
“dey not bootiful anymore”


More weeping and wailing…

this time from Tennyson.

Because she wants me to cut the feet out of her jammies too…

With my now broken cuticle scissors.


And then a whimper…


A collapse.


This time it was me…

Just wondering WHY!!!
















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