Man Down

18 Mar

I have a clumsy child.

I do…

And I can say that.

Because I have been known as Kelly Klutz my entire life.


It’s true.

I remember once falling down stairs…

8 , maybe 10 of them

It was quiet.

Waiting I am…

For my family to come running.

And I say

“It’s okay…I’m okay”


The silence ends…

A roar of once stifled laughter.

My family?

Not rushing to my aide…

But nearly suffocating from the rolling giggles.






“Kel.. ha ha ha… you…you….okay…snort…spit”







In their defense, they are used to it.

I have fallen down the same stairs 6 times before…

Just this week.


It was this morning’s entanglement…

Which brought back those fond memories…

Of familial love and deep concern.


It is time to feet the cats.

Tenny wants to help…

Which means that a 2 minute task will now take 8…

and will result in a big mess.


“I hep…I hep!!!  Mama I hep!!!!”


“Honey…okay…just calm down…

Hold my hand…let me help you”



“I do it”

SOOOOOOOOOOOO  two she is.


Pushing me away…she wants no part of me trying to stabilize her “toddler-ness”


“Honey be careful”

Shoving my hand.

Backing up in defiance.


SPLAT she goes.

Butt in the cat box

Feet and hands in the air…


Still, she is still…

for the first and likely last time today.

Looking at me as if to say

“how could you let this happen?”


I scoop her up…

Brush the clumped litter off her tiny bum…

And think to myself…


It is 6:21 in the morning.

What must the rest of the day hold?


And just so you know…

this is actually a Kitty Litter Cake…


Is  this a good idea?  Do we really want to encourage our kids to eat cat litter??


Posted by on March 18, 2011 in Cats, Misbehaving


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2 responses to “Man Down

  1. Brenda Fry Avant

    March 19, 2011 at 7:51 am

    Priceless! Kids are wonderful. Just wait until they grow up! The steps must have been after you moved from home. I dont remember any steps.

    • kellyozley

      March 19, 2011 at 8:35 pm

      hey girl. yep steps were at my dad’s place. Good to hear from you.


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