Sweet Mother

25 Apr

Last week on Oprah, she asked Chris Rock what grade he would give himself as a parent.


That resonated with me all evening.

What grade would I get?




(really not enough room here on the page

would need to request a margin increase)




I do really well.





maybe only a C here.


Sometimes I am just too tired to do what needs to be done.

And that friends?

Is the truth.




On emulating grace under pressure…



Faced with what must have been a toybox explosion…

I let out a LOUD exclamation of?


That’s all. It’s not so bad right?


As I was leaving the room, Landon said to her visiting best friend…

My Mommy said Sweet Mudder”

And now that is the catch phrase of two four year olds.


And then Friday when Landon dropped the soap bottle she said:

Mommy I not gonna say Shout Damnit…I not, dey bad words.”

Oh Sweet Mother!




Can I do something else for extra credit on this?

Does microwaving frozen chicken fingers count?


Wardrobe coordination?

Oh honey please.

As much makeover TV as I have watched?

What Not To Wear, Oprah, Queer Eye

I am ace’ing this one. A+


Role Model of good character and kindness.

Really I think I do pretty well on this one…

Most of the time.

B+ I will say

Keeping in mind that they at daycare about 8 ½ hours a day

And for 10-12 hours of their time at home they are sleeping.

So yes B+


So overall?

B is what I think.

Definite room for improvement…

But nearer the top…

Than the bottom.

 A pause…

and a little prayer.

That what I am doing is enough…

To produce two happy, healthy, and kind little ladies.

And that when they are older…

maybe Moms themselves…

they will give me an A!

Because this?

Is not a test I want to fail!

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