Ms. Barbara Streisand

01 May

Are you a Gleek?

I so am.

Actually we as a family are.

Meaning my girls love it too.

The parts they are allowed to watch.

Not the part about being knocked up at 16…

Or being gay…

Or being a loser…

Actually they only really get to watch the songs come to think of it.


I love the songs and dancing.

LOVE it!


Live for it all week

And am oh so over 40.

So this week.

They did a number of songs, but my favorite?

Barbara Streisand.

Diva in da house

Not her.

Not the diva herself

But the song…

Barbara Streisand

by Duck Sauce.

Way complicated song.

Two lyrics in the entire song.

Repeated about every 24 seconds.

And they are?

Barbara Streisand.

Seriously I am thinking how long?

Just how long did it take to write this song?

But tell me you are not tapping your foot.



I can so hear my mom now…

“Duck Socks?

Kelly Lynn?

Are they Chinese?

You know I do like a little Lo Mein”


Duck Sauce not Duck Socks?

Why would a duck need socks?”


Am I having this ridiculous conversation…


So the song is AWESOME.

And my girls and I rocked it this evening.

It was?


Full on move the furniture…

Get Jiggy with it…

Sing in to the spatula …


And I taught Landon the words.

She really does have an amazing vocabulary for a 4 year old.

So this?

will be easy.

“So honey…this song is about the quintessential diva”

“Mommy? What is queen sential?”

“Never mind that part…honey… her name is Barbara Streisand”


So here we go…

She tries every 24 seconds when the time comes to pay tribute to Babs.

“Borrow Nightstand”

“No honey… Barbara Streisand”

La la la la la

“Barra’s trash can”

“Honey… b-a-r-b-a-r-a  s-t-r-e-i-s-a-n-d”

La la la la la

“Bra bra Dry Skin”


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